Meet Our Team

We are proudly family owned and operated.

Bronson, Maxine, Lauren, Sarah and Goldie.

Bronson, Maxine, Lauren, Sarah and Goldie.


Proud owner and operator. Bronson is a 4th generation Showmen. Has worked his whole life in show business traveling from East to West in the Australian show industry. Bronson prides himself on professionalism, safety and service.


6th generation showmen, learning and perfecting the skills needed to become a future ride owner. Born into the entertainment industry Leyton was a skilled motorcross rider in the “ Globe of Death” for the Great Moscow Circus.


Next generation showgirl, born and bred. Owner of the always popular HOT GUN and proud member of GEELONG AMUSEMENT HIRE.


A proud show woman and strong supporter of the next generation in entertainment. Sarah is focused on families and making your event a safe and successful one


Also a showmen with a proud history, Goldie is driven by presenting equipment that is well maintained and operates with the highest safety standards. Owner and operator, Goldie is head of our maintenance department and strongly supports local industry.


Owner of the awesome WHIZZER ride, Jessie is at the fore-front of safety. Always looking to improve as well as bringing the old time favourites.


5th generation Showgirl, born and raised into the traveling show industry. Lauren went on to become a showmen in her own right.


Not afraid to get his hands dirty. Pheonix thrives on the structural side of amusements. “Putting up” and “pulling down” the equipment is one of his favourite things to do. Pheonix is also our drone pilot, capturing awesome images from your fetes, festivals and events.

Geelong amusement hire is a locally owned and operated amusement hire company that specialize in school fetes, fairs & special events.

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